American online roulette in the best casinos in the Arab Emirates

Just like its European counterpart American Roulette is a famous entertainment for people who love to take risks. There is a small difference between both versions of Roulette, which a player should be aware of.

American roulette online – how to play popular casino game

The most pivotal step in the stages of playing the Roulette is about making the bet. Bets are placed on either a whole row, color or selected number/numbers.

The main difference in American Roulette is that it has a single zero (0) section and a double zero (00), unlike the European version. The player is also allowed to bet on 5 numbers, which is not allowed in the European version. The numbers are – 0, 00, 1, 2, 3.

Double Zero

Double zero roulette is another nickname of American Roulette. This name is more popular in the online version of the game because of the presence of double zero. As well as one zero. There is a total of 38 numbers on the wheel.

There are many benefits of playing American Roulette online

  • You can repeat your last bet
  • Graphics is breathtaking
  • Easily manageable gameplay
  • Great background sound
  • Winning chances are high

You name any big Casino, and you can be sure that American Roulette is definitely part of their arsenal.

American roulette online for players from “Emirates”. How to play and win at American roulette.

Placing Bets is the next big step in the game. Depending on the betting option you make, your winning numbers will be decided based on the calculations as per the payout ratio.

Straight bets can be placed on multiple numbers selected by the player. Odds of winning here are 35 to 1. One can make an unlimited number of single bets, but the more you bet lesser credits you are going to get.

Split bets are placed on two adjacent numbers, which are placed vertically or horizontally. Odds on them are 17 to 1. For making a split bet, you need to keep chips on the line adjacent to two selected numbers.

Three Line/Street bets are placed on three numbers, and odds on them are 11 to 1. Here chips are kept on the lowest line of the vertical row from where those three numbers are chosen.

Corner bets represent basically square of four numbers, and odds of pay are 8 to 1. Chip needs to be placed at the common corner.

Top Line bet allows players to bet on 0, 00, 1, 2, 36 number sections together. Odds to pay are 6 to 1 in case the player wins.

Six line allow the player to bet on six numbers with an odd to pay 5 to 1. Players need to place the chip on the vertical and horizontal cross line of the chosen 6 number section column.

Column Bet: in this bet a player is allowed to bet a whole column (vertical row). Upper, middle, and low are the three positions of the playing area. The winning ratio, in this case, is 2 is to 1. For placing the bet, the player has to place his/her chips on the space below the last number in the given column.

Dozen: it is another type of bet where a player is allowed to bet on about 12 number sections in total, which is about one-third of the whole field. The first slot has numbers from 1 to 12, then 13 to 24, and finally from 25 to 36. The odds for a payout are 2 to 1. Players can place a bet my moving their chip to any of the three sections.

Red/Black: Bet for red color or black color number sections.

Even/Odd: Bets for even-numbered or odd-numbered.

High/Low: Bets on high numbers, which is 19 to 36 or low numbers 1 to 18.

The above bets are basically about placing bets on specific fields. The odds to payout are 1 to 1 from the current credit position.

What are the betting strategies in Online American Roulette?

For facilitating the players and engage them, more experts in this area have come up with more interesting gameplay strategies.

The Martingale Strategy: It is the oldest but a simple strategy. It only says to double the betting amount in your next bet if you lose the last one.

The Labouchere system: It is a good gameplay strategy for frequent wins. Here bets are placed on the first and last numbers.

The Alembert system: It is the most trusted strategy where players have to bet based on colors like Red or black.

Where to play and win online the American Roulette

The American Roulette is a very popular game among thousands of players. You can easily find a website for an online Roulette. But be aware do not jump to any website without verifying its credentials. You would want to play on a legal, verified, authorized, and licensed website that uses high-quality software. Once such a website is found, register in the online casino. You will be able to receive their impressive service and impeccable variety of games with a higher percent of record payout. You can even play as a guest user in these online casinos without registration.

Demo Mode is a way to understand and learn the gameplay of American Roulette. There is no expense or stress. You can truly learn and can switch when you feel confident to play for real money. You can then register yourself. Good Luck!